pingy agility club  - agility for all dogs and all levels
At pingy agility we run several classes throughout the week and these classes are designed so that you and your dog can progress from beginner right up to being able to complete an agility course and even compete.
As a member of our club you will be welcome to enter our shows and book places on our training days and one to one sessions.

- Starters Class
- Novice Class
- Advanced Class
- One 2 Ones

All dogs new to our club start in the starters class or one 2 ones.
These classes are run in a different way to most obedience classes in that the class learns and trains as a group. We don't like to see owners and dogs sitting and waiting for a turn as it leads to boredom and lack of concentration for the dogs.
Our classes involve everyone in it and you will be training for the whole session.
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