pingy agility club  - agility for all dogs and all levels
See below for our class booking details.
Class details and "what to bring to your class" are below.

All dogs, six months or older, start in the Starters class, or one 2 ones, where you are continually assessed and move up into the next class once you reach the required level.
 In this class you will work on focus, reward, direction, distance control, waits, recalls, send aways, body and verbal cues and will give you and your dog a great starting point to enter the world of agility training.
Class information
Indoor Puppy Class, a 6 week course.

The agility skills class for dogs over 6 months

These classes will run on Saturdays and the occasional Sunday,  in winter months and on Wednesday evenings, in summer months. We will give you the dates on your first class.
Please e-mail us if you wish to book a place.
 class checklist
~~~  tasty treats (not your dogs normal food)   cheese/chicken/sausage etc
~~~  water and a bowl
~~~ a toy that your pup/dog does not have access to normally
~~~ a secure collar and lead, not a flexi lead
~~~  poo bags
~~~ suitable footwear and clothing, for you, not your dog!
contact details.
We train in the RSPCA grounds in Attercliffe, Sheffield.
This address will be changing shortly to a nearby more suitable venue 

please email for details about start dates and times

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