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These are our trainers and their dogs
Kate has been involved with animals all her working life and has owned dogs for the last 25 plus years. She has always had working sheepdogs and now has 7 ranging from 6 months to 14 years.
Although originally training dogs for farm work, Kate soon moved into obedience and agility and has been competing at agility and a qualified instructor for the past 15 years.
She currently trains and runs one grade ,  one grade 4, three grade 6 and two grade 7.
Kate is a qualified animal physiotherapist, canine hydrotherapist and massage therapist and currently works alongside veterinary surgeons in Yorkshire and the Midlands in rehabilitating dogs who have had structural surgery, suffer from arthritis or preventing further wear and tear to joints and soft tissue. From her clinic in Sheffield, Kate also runs courses on; Massage therapy, performance dog enhancement and gait analysis.  For more information please lookup the Muppets Canine Therapy
To find out more visit her website
Kate also works closely with sporting and working dogs to increase performance and lower the chance of injury. 
Kate is also the co owner of a new line of working sheepdogs who will making an appearance on the herding and agility scene soon.
When she is not working, training or attending veterinary seminars Kate can be found out walking her dogs.
" my dogs are my whole life, and they make my life whole"
Helen started doing agility just over 5 years ago, with Sky her Border Collie. Helen has had dogs most of her life, but Sky is her first Border Collie. She has since done dog psychology courses, diploma in Small Animal Care and is a qualified dog groomer. Check out her website: .She caught the Agility bug thanks Kate whom she met when Sky needed hydrotherapy for an injury. Along with competing and training Sky, Helen has recently been training  her youngest dog Storm a working sheepdog, both Sky and Storm are now completely hooked!
Helen runs one grade 3 (Storm) and one grade 6 dog (Sky).
Helen is always learning new skills and techniques in agility with her dogs and doing these classes and competitions has helped both of them with obedience. 
Helen says “we all love agility so much and I love to see Sky & Storm so happy!”
Agility is a fantastic way to have fun with your dog as they are learning whilst having a great time!
Zoe has been doing agility now for 5 years and helping to teach agility for almost 3 years.
Zoe has two dogs Max who is in grade 3 and Ziggy who is in grade 6.
Zoe started out doing agility with her Labrador Max. Max was an extremely giddy and boisterous boy when he first started and they had to overcome a lot of frustrations. Agility has certainly made a very special bond between Zoe and her lad and he absolutely loves his agility.
Over the past year Max has been through a hell of a lot health wise and Zoe and Matt were very close to losing him. But he has overcome the odds and has proven to be a fighter. Max is now almost 6 and is back competing and has two wins at grade 3 with just one more to get to progress to grade 4.
Zoe is extremely dedicated to Max and although he can be crazy sometimes both in and out of the agility ring you are almost certain to have a smile on your face when you see him run.
Ziggy is a Cocker Spaniel who is 2 and has already flown up to grade 6 in his first outdoor season. Ziggy is also a very boisterous little boy who is very strong minded. Zoe has throughly enjoyed training Ziggy from a puppy and although he has encountered a little nervousness in competitions they are working through it and Ziggys confidence is growing every time.
Zoe has really enjoyed training Pingy members over the years and finds it extremely rewarding to see how much dogs and their handlers come along with a little bit of guidance and support. The bond that dog owners make with their four legged friends is amazing and agility only makes that bond stronger.


I have been doing agility for 6 years and have been competing for 4 years.   Joined Pingy in 2012 and straight away got involved in the club, until finally becoming a trainer a year and a half ago (? Not sure exactly when lol?)

Started agility with Comet, who was an absolute pleasure to train and run. He picked it up quickly and I couldn't wait to start competing with him.  Comet is now 8 years old and have reduced the amount of competitions he does. He is more content to sleep in the tent and have a good walk, than being involved in the intensity of competition. That being said, when he is doing agility, he still enjoys it, especially the tunnels.

Second agility dog was Freddie, who I got from a rescue centre at 14 weeks old.  He was the complete opposite to Comet, and training Freddie was a complete rollercoaster.  But after persistence and dedication, he is now 5 years old, and competing and gaining numerous rosettes and a few wins this year, which moved him up to grade 3.  Freddie also qualified for the starters cup final at discover dogs 2012.  He gained a 2nd place in the jumping round and was awarded 4th place in the overall competition.  Freddie absolutely loves agility, probably as he knows there is a tennis ball waiting on the finish line for him.

Agility has been amazing in building a fantastic bond between myself and my dogs.  They, and myself, are healthier and happier because of the sport.  I enjoy training others because it is great to see that relationship develop between owner and their dog, but also the successes they have whilst learning agility.

Without him there would be no pingy..
"Those of us who choose to surround ourselves with lives more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle that is easily and often breached. Yet knowing this, we would still choose to leave no other way"
We have a large field for our outdoor training and a large hall for our indoor training.
Some pictures of our pingy crew


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