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Pingy Products

Pingy Club wear
We have our own club wear and we can order polo shirts, fleeces and coats etc with our logo on from our suppliers. The clothing is top quality and we all love showing off our club name.
Ask Helen for details.

Pingy Paws!

 Check out our Pingy Paws Shop, on site at the Pingy Field!

We have a variety of products available at our Shop.  We have hand made items which range from tuggies, fleece's, toys and much more! Check out the Pingy Paws brochure! or ask Zoe or Karen for more details!
We now have a website
You can order from website and arrange free pick up from the club.
Christmas stock coming soon!!!!!

Tuggy tugs
Tuggys are a great way to reward your dog while you are training. They are made from soft but strong fleece strips so they won't damage your dogs mouth and can either be thrown to reward at a distance or more usually held while your dog tugs at them.
They are a fantastic method of reward training "close work" such as pull in's, wing wraps, flicks and  re-calls and most dogs love the game of tugging their owners.
Some tuggys have space balls attached as well so your dog can have double the fun. We can order the tugs with space balls in most combinations of colours.
"I really love tuggys and always use them to train and reward my dogs right from puppy stage.  I feel that they are a fantastic way to play with your dog as they mean that the dogs are rewarded for coming back to you and have a high reward value as you are holding them as your dog tugs on them.
 My dogs know that when the tuggys come out of the van, its fun time whether its agility training or just play time. I know that  they won't damage themselves by pulling against me as the tuggys are so soft and strong and I always have a supply of brightly coloured tuggys in stock ready for my boys"

Thunder shirts
These shirts are designed to help control stress and comfort dogs when they are anxious and worried.
They act by providing support, warmth, pressure and a feeling of well being in your dog and can be used for fireworks, travel worries, illness, anxiety, behaviour problems etc.  They consist of a fleece type material shirt that fits very snuggly and is held in place by velcro.
"I have used these thunder shirts for a while now and I am really impressed with them. Venus is never happy at bonfire time but since wearing her shirt in the evenings she has become a lot less stressed. She would refuse to eat or go outside at one point but now she copes so much better. She still hates fireworks but she is happier and more comfortable and all without the use of sedatives and drugs."
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